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The Center for Educational Leadership, which opened on June 1, 2010, is the centerpiece of a leadership development system that is purposefully and aggressively growing the next generation of outstanding leaders for our schools. The center takes an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to school leadership development and integrates research-tested education leadership theory with proven, effective practice. A unique partnership between the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and local school districts is a defining element in the structure of the center, which focuses on formal preparation as well as career-long professional development of educational leaders. Coursework, site-based immersion learning experiences, and consultation with effective practicing principals are complemented by continuous learning opportunities and a leadership resource center.

We believe this comprehensive approach to principal preparation has set a new standard in the field of public education leadership development. The center will certainly have substantial positive impact regionally, but this innovative model has the potential for replication.

Affirming a commitment to a multidisciplinary approach, the Center for Educational Leadership is based on four pillars of leadership preparation and continuous development:

  • Recruiting potential school leaders
  • Preparing aspiring leaders
  • Developing essential skill sets for practicing leaders
  • Increasing leadership capacity of an organization

To accomplish this task, the center has five components:

  • The Leadership Academy
  • The Educational Leadership Institute
  • The Executive Leadership Institute
  • The Leadership Resource Center
  • Job-embedded Leadership Support (Principal-in-Residence)

The Leadership Academy addresses the first two pillars—recruitment and preparation of aspiring school leaders. The Educational Leadership Institute and the Executive Leadership Institute focus on the third pillar: development of the necessary skill sets for effectively leading schools and improving student academic performance. The Leadership Resource Center and the Principal-in-Residence focus on both the third and fourth pillars by continuing the development of skills and building leadership capacity.

(The Center for Educational Leadership is housed in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the College of Education, Health. and Human Sciences.)


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